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Each month I have a different themed WIG BOX which will include one full wig along with many accessories in the box. The wig may be short or long and the accessories will range from make-up, jewellery, candles, chocolate, stationery, fashion, bath and beauty products.

The theme will be different and so will the wigs...!

On the 1st of each month a new theme will be announced on my social media pages & website which will then be available to order until the last day of the month (or until out of stock).

I also have a loyalty card for you too! When you order your 4th box you get 50% off and when you order your 7th box, it’s completely FREE…!

I'm always open to suggestions for new Wig Box ideas so please get in touch if you had some ideas.


"I have received 3 wig boxes and each time I have been blown away by the quality of the wig.
I also enjoy the extra gifts some of which have been hilarious such as the inflatable guitar
Can’t wait for my next box "

- Emma - 

  • Watson Wigs Essex Wig Extensions
  • Watson Wigs Essex Wig Extensions

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